"'Question: How would you rate Sandy’s work on scale of 1-5?' Absolutely a five. He never lets us down and is a delight to work with. He’s more than a litigator who has gotten great results for us in court. He understands our business and what is important to us. By boiling down complex litigation into what we need to know, he helps us understand the risks and to make key decisions. Sandy is very efficient and doesn’t like to waste his clients’ money and he’s always looking out for our best interests, well beyond the litigation at hand."

Sam Park, President, Sam Park & Company

"The Firm was helpful in a number of ways. They focused on the most important issues in our case and narrowed the issues, so the case didn’t end up covering the universe. They distilled it down to what was most relevant. That saved us a lot of time and money and proved successful in the end. In contrast, opposing counsel dug through every conceivable permutation and cast a wide net during the preparation stage. From an efficiency standpoint, this is a huge selling point for the Firm: that they can deliver high value within reasonable cost parameters."

Antonette Fernandez, Associate General Counsel, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

"That’s what I like about Sandy’s firm. All they do is business litigation – that’s their niche. Sandy has a lot of deal knowledge. He doesn’t need more than my giving him the information about the case and he can take it from there. He knows his way around these kinds of transactions, as in the due diligence case where he gave us good advice and we got a good result."

Linda DeRenzo, Chief Legal Officer, The Mentor Network

"Doug’s very smart and has a wonderful manner in court. He’s not demonstrative. He stays calm and cool and thinks well on his feet. Some people think you have to hire a fire-spewing monster and strike back with a vengeance, but that’s not always the best course. It’s much more effective to be in control than to be angry. Doug is calm, thoughtful, and considerate. And he knows how to analyze a case."

Jon Davis, Partner, Stanton & Davis LLP

"Sandy’s been great to work with. He’s detail-oriented without spending a lot of time micro-lawyering. He doesn’t micro-bill us and keeps the cost under control. On several occasions he’s found things to ask for from the other side that I hadn’t thought of. On other occasions he’s talked us out of prosecuting certain cases that he believes aren’t worth pursuing from a cost/benefit standpoint. That gives me confidence in his judgment. And Sandy’s great at involving me at the right time."

Stephanie Masiello, General Counsel, Unidine Corporation

"I’ve been sending the Firm cases for 11 years. I’ve never had a complaint or issue in all the years I’ve been referring my clients’ cases to them. In fact, the only complaint I got was when someone decided not to use them and to use a big brand name firm against my recommendation – and, in the end, they said they were sorry they hadn’t followed my advice."

Joel Lerner, Partner, Lerner & Holmes LLP

"The thing that has impressed me the most about the Yurko firm, and Sandy Remz, as compared to the large law firms we’ve used, is their depth of knowledge for a firm their size. They are able to manage our cases, which I consider to be heavy lifting, while doing battle with large firms that have hundreds of attorneys. They are able to show a force well beyond the size of their firm. It’s very impressive, especially since they’re charging well below those other firms’ rates."

John Cerulli, CFO, Acumentrics Holding Corporation