Corporate Investigations

In today’s world, good corporate governance standards require corporations and institutions to engage outside counsel to lead their internal investigations. The choice of outside counsel – and whether that counsel is experienced and reputable -- is the key factor in the success of the investigation. Led by Donald K. Stern, the former United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, the Firm conducts investigations on a timely and efficient basis consistent with the organization’s goals, the stakes involved and applicable legal requirements. In addition, if we are not conducting the investigation we may represent individuals, officers, executives or employees in such investigations.

  • The Firm was engaged by Tufts University to conduct almost a year-long investigation into its relationship with Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family, to issue a report that was to be made public and to include recommendations in the report relating to issues that were the subject of the investigation. Tufts’ Board of Trustees accepted the report and thereafter decided to remove the Sackler name form all buildings and programs within the University.
  • The Firm was engaged by Suffolk University to conduct an independent investigation after the audit committee of its board received an anonymous complaint alleging irregularities in its presidential search process.
  • The Firm has been chosen by the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston to conduct an independent investigation of allegations of sexual misconduct at all three seminaries in the Archdiocese.
  • The Firm conducted an internal investigation on behalf of a prominent not-for-profit institution based in Boston into potential embezzlement by an employee and whether there was proper supervision and procedures in place to prevent such embezzlement.