White Collar Criminal Investigation

Led by former United States Attorney for Massachusetts, Donald K. Stern, the Firm has extensive experience in representing companies, officers, directors, managers and other individuals in white collar criminal investigations conducted by federal and state law enforcement authorities and in internal investigations on behalf of corporations and non-profit organizations. The subject matter can range from securities fraud to antitrust to tax to export control issues to other kinds of financial fraud to personal misconduct. We have an excellent track record in persuading the government that an indictment or civil charges are not warranted. We also often represent individuals who are subpoenaed to appear before federal or state grand juries and can advise clients as to their rights and options.

Matters our attorneys have handled for clients include the following:

  • Represented local college in internal investigation of misappropriation of assets by an employee.
  • Represented Massachusetts company in internal investigation of attempted internet fraud.
  • Represented individual real estate investor in tax-related investigation conducted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Florida. After a series of discussions and a lengthy proffer, we convinced the U.S. Attorney’s office that our client was dealing at arm’s length with the target of the investigation, and that our client was an innocent witness who was not doing anything intentionally to assist the target in his purported schemes.
  • Represented witnesses in various federal investigations, involving securities fraud, false claims and environmental matters.
  • Represented individuals and companies in investigations involving the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, with no charges being filed.
  • Represented former CFO of public company in SEC investigation and related investigation by Hong Kong Independent Commission against Corruption.
  • Represented executive of public company subsidiary in internal investigation concerning compliance with export controls.
  • Represented several public officials in corruption investigations, with no charges being filed.
  • Represented former executive of public corporation in investigation led by U.S Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York and SEC into appropriateness of revenue recognition in a series of transactions in an international sector for which client had responsibility. The client cooperated in the investigation and avoided any criminal or civil charges.
  • Guided the defense and response of Massachusetts-based contractor targeted in an out-of-state anti-trust grand jury probe. The investigation was eventually closed.
  • Represented securities analyst in investigation by SEC and U.S. Attorney's office into certain marketing practices.