Professional Liability

Our lawyers have substantial experience representing lawyers, accountants, and fiduciaries in defense of malpractice, breach of fiduciary and D&O claims, and in advising lawyers on professional responsibility matters. As in other matters, we vigorously defend the legal and reputational interests of our clients in court, and strive through early and realistic case assessment to develop strategies that will also enhance the possibilities for desirable resolution before trial.

  • Engaged on multiple occasions to represent a mid-sized regional public accounting firm charged with professional malpractice. In a current case, the client had audited a private equity fund complex, and was charged by investors with failing to properly investigate the performance and value of the underlying portfolio companies. In a prior case involving control of a grocery chain, the client was granted summary judgment in a lawsuit alleging that it had engaged in improper practices as the enterprise’s accountant.
  • Represented a lawyer summoned by a trial judge in a civil case to face charges that the lawyer acted improperly in allocating settlement of a claim under the Massachusetts workmen’s’ compensation law. After hearing, the Judge took no action against our client.
  • Represented conveyancing lawyers in defense of claims by borrowers alleging violations of fair lending and credit practice laws and wrongful foreclosure.
  • We often counsel lawyers and other professionals concerning their departure from their professional firms.